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Todd Novak





Born and raised on a family farm in Cobb, Wisconsin, and a lifelong resident of Iowa County, Todd is seeking re-election to the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Prior to serving in the State Assembly, Todd worked as an Associate Editor at the Dodgeville Chronicle. Todd also has notable experience in local politics. He served as the Mayor of Dodgeville for 12 years with a strong record of standing up for the priorities of those who live in Southwest Wisconsin.

Todd is also the father of two teenage boys whom he adopted out of the foster care system as teenagers. He continues to serve as a court appointed guardian and has a strong record of standing up vulnerable populations.

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Clean water is essential to every community across Wisconsin, but especially our rural communities. It is a vital part of agriculture, tourism, and most importantly, our health. Immediately following the release of the initial results of the Southwest Wisconsin Groundwater and Geology Study (SWIGG), Todd called on Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to form a task force. He quickly granted Todd's request and named him chairman of this unprecedented, bipartisan effort to address water quality issues and ensure clean water for future generations.
What followed was a comprehensive tour of Wisconsin consisting of 14 hearings from Lancaster to Superior. Todd worked closely with his Democratic colleague Katrina Shankland of Stevens Point to ensure that every voice was heard, regardless of politics. Earlier this year, the task force released a final report detailing their findings along with 13 legislative proposals representing a $10 million investment in water quality. The proposals include:
  • Funding for County Conservation Staff
  • Investment in Producer Led Watershed Groups
  • Reforms to the Well Compensation Grant Program
  • Creation of the Freshwater Collaborative within the UW System
  • Innovative pilot programs targeting nitrate contamination
  • Grants for county well studies like SWIGG
  • Funding to collect firefighting foams contaminated with PFAS
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All 13 bills passed the Assembly, a strong majority with overwhelming bipartisan support. Todd remains committed to addressing these important issues and moving forward in a bipartisan way. Click here to learn more about the work of the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality.
Water Quality TF
Where I Stand



Todd knows that a successful economy requires a healthy environment. His work as Chairman of the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality has shown that we can successfully address these important issues in a bipartisan way.  During his time in the legislature, Todd has advocated for, and succeeded in providing additional funding for Land and Water Conservation Staffing who work to implement, county-based, conservation efforts. Todd has also voted against efforts to repeal the mining moratorium and roll back protections on federal wetlands in Wisconsin.


Our rural areas are in desperate need of funding for schools, and access to high speed internet. This session, Todd has made our rural areas a priority. He voted for a budget that provided an increase of $604 per student in K-12 funding - a record amount. This increase represents over $7.5 million in additional funding for schools in the 51st Assembly District. This budget also included a historic $44 million investment in the state's Broadband Grant Program to bring high speed internet to our rural communities


Healthcare is expensive, especially for those who do not receive coverage through their employer. To help manage skyrocketing premiums and make coverage more affordable for those purchasing coverage on the individual market, Todd authored and passed the Wisconsin Healthcare Stability Plan. This program reduced private health insurance premiums by 4.2% in 2019. To protect those with preexisting conditions, Todd proudly supported legislation prohibiting health plans from enacting exclusions based on preexisting conditions.

Quality and affordable access is also important for our Seniors. Todd supported legislation making Senior Care a permant program, and to assist those living with Alzheimer's and Dementia, Todd added language to the State Budget to expand Wisconsin's Dementia Care Specialist Program. Finally, Todd supported a budget that provides millions of dollars of additional funding for nursing homes, personal care workers, and direct caregivers in family care.

Our local hospitals are the foundation to providing quality care to rural residents. This is why Todd supported increases in funding for area facilities including Upland Hills Health, the Monroe Clinic, and the Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County.



When we send our children to school, it is an expectation that they come home safely at the end of each day. To ensure this, I authored legislation that was signed into law by Governor Evers to fully staff the Office of School Safety within the Department of Justice. This office operates a tip line where students, parents, and staff can submit a school safety concern or threat. Staff at the office then deploy a response by communicating directly with school administrators and counsellors. The office also conducts trainings for staff to prepare them in the event of an emergency. 

"Thank you to Rep. Novak for recognizing the importance of the Office of School Safety for helping to keep schools in Wisconsin safe and for his hard work in getting this bill passed"

-Attorney General Josh Kaul


  • Jennifer Harper - Richland County DA

  • Clay Porter - Richland County Sheriff

  • Chip Meister - Sauk County Sheriff

  • Steve Michek - Iowa County Sheriff

  • Jenna Gill - Lafayette County DA

  • Judge Jim Beer, Green County, Retired

  • Judge Peg Koehler, Iowa County, Retired

  • Reg Gill - Lafayette County Sheriff

  • Craig Nolen - Green County DA

  • Curtis Johnson - Iowa County ADA

Winner of the Legislator of the Year Award  from the Wisconsin Counties Association as well as the Municipal Champion Award from the Leage of Wisconsin Municipalities, Todd has a strong record of advocating for local control and working closely with local government. His reputation speaks for itself and has earned him broad support from elected members on school boards, county boards, town boards, city councils, and village boards across the 51st Assembly District. Todd is also committed to the fight against rural crime and drug abuse. His work on these issues during his time in the legislature has resulted in strong relationships and the support of the leaders listed above as well as a significant number of additional law enforcement offices across Wisconsin.

Todd has also been recognized by the Wisconsin Newspapers Association for his outstanding leadership and support on behalf of the newspaper industry and his work protecting Wisconsin's open records laws. For his support of pro-growth policies in Wisconsin, WMC has awarded Todd with the Working for Wisconsin Award in both 2016 and 2018. Finally, Todd has been recognized as a Friend of UW-Platteville for his efforts to get a parking lot at the Belmont Mound and securing funding for two building projects on campus.


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